JELLIFISH is a hanging lamp made of metal wires. It’s composed of three ellipsoidal elements that, giving the impression of being suspended, lend it a light appearance. The lamp can be enriched by a LED strip placed on the perimeter circumference of the three supporting elements.

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CHAMPAGNE is a hanging lamp made of square section metal wires, the three elements of the supporting frame. The resulting shape reminds a glass of champagne. The border can be enriched by a LED light strip.

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WIREFRAME represents the idea that using a simple metallic rod, combined with other industrial materials such as wire mesh, you can create different shapes that recall the majestic and precious antique chandeliers.

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ÁTAME! It’s a ground or table hanging lamp. It is formed by two cylindrical elements linked together by a belt or by an elastic band, with the aim of evoking different transgressive imaginaries.

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CALZA is an iconic lighting system made of wire mesh and cloth, which may be used suspended, hanging on a wall or upon a table. It will be possible to modulate the light intensity, by raising or lowering the sock.

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